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Platform Engineering

Improve Developer Experience and Turbo-Charge Your Engineering Teams

An increasing number of engineering teams are suffering from cognitive overload. The steady growth in the number of tools and technologies is making the environments that engineers work with increasingly difficult to use and reason about. As a result, application developers are spending a significant amount of time understanding the underlying tooling and infrastructure instead of delivering real business value.

Do you want to improve the developer experience in your development teams and reduce cognitive overload? We are here to help!

We help you to build internal developer platforms, that your engineers will simply love

Good internal developer platforms help engineers increase their speed and confidence in pushing new features to production environments. They provide engineers with the right tools to reduce risk while being easy to use and comprehend.

We help you to understand the real needs of your engineers. We build developer platforms that are easy to use for engineers, and easy to maintain for platform teams.

Ready to boost your engineering team's productivity and efficiency? Contact us today to learn how we can help build a developer platform that meets your unique needs.


Internal DEveloper Platforms

Build platforms, that deploy code to production with low risk and high velocity

Accelerate your team's delivery speed and effectiveness with effective delivery tools and processes. Let us help you create a custom internal developer platform that enables your teams to deploy and run their container-based components with ease and confidence.

  • Internal developer platforms
  • Internal Delivery Pipelines
  • GitOps
  • Metrics & Observability
  • Identity Providers & Access Management

Engineering Self-Service

Design and build tools that allow engineers to get what they need without waiting times

Efficient delivery tools and processes are essential for increasing speed and effectiveness. With our help, you can create your own internal developer platform, complete with self-service capabilities that allow your engineering teams to deploy and manage their container-based components autonomously. Say goodbye to dependencies on external teams and enjoy the benefits of a self-service model.

  • Automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Kubernetes Operators
  • UIs and CLIs for engineers
  • Developer Experience

Developer Portals & Golden Paths

Quickstart new projects based on company best practices with ease

Developer Portals like Backstage become a central hub for your engineers that improves the developer experience and helps to reduce technology fragmentation. We help you to introduce your very own developer portal and adapt it to your individual engineering needs. Further, we help you to identify your individual golden paths and pour those into templates, so your company wisdom is reusable by any of your engineers.

  • Developer Portals
  • Backstage
  • Plugins and extensions for Developer Portals
  • Templates and scaffolds
  • Golden paths


& Gitops

Use tools from the CNCF landscape to build state-of-the-art pipelines

The GitOps model is today’s standard for state-of-the-art deployment pipelines. It allows for full control of your production environments and is an important strategy for quick disaster recovery scenarios. We support teams in building GitOps-based pipelines to meet the demands of modern cloud-native environments.

  • ArgoCD
  • Flux
  • ArgoWF
  • Tekton
  • Blue/Green Deployments
  • Canary Deployments


Service MeSHES & PIpeline Security

Secure your workloads & pipelines in the cloud

In the past, cyberattacks were considered exceptional cases. However, nowadays, companies are under continuous attack. It's no longer a matter of if attackers will gain access to your network's internals, but rather when. At SQUER, we can help you protect your data and workloads by implementing zero-trust measures in your application stack and deployment pipelines. This ensures that your data remains secure even in the event of a breach.

  • Service Meshes
  • Istio, Linkerd, Kuma
  • Secure Pipelines
  • Container Security
  • Policy as Code
  • OPA, Kyverno, jsPolicy

Let Us Get Your Development Teams More Productive!

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We Are Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

The independent seal from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) validates our team's extensive technical skills, certifications, and expertise in delivering top-notch managed Kubernetes solutions. Are you ready to embrace the endless possibilities of a cloud-native landscape? Connect with our experts –we would love to be your partner on your journey towards a cloud-native future!

SQUER -  kubernetes - certified service provider
SQUARE Linux Foundation - Silver Member

We Are Proud Members of The Linux Foundation and the CNCF

We believe in the power of open-source technologies and tools provided by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). They are the foundation for our exciting projects and our customers' innovations. Our company is proud to support and contribute back to the CNCF through our Silver Membership in The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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SQUER does not only provide technical but also organizational knowledge. The combination of expertise and mindset made our collaboration a complete success.

– REWE International

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