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Bespoke System Design and Software Architecture to Satisfy Your Delivery Ambition

Composing the best fit-for-purpose software architecture needs a lot of passion and experience. As companies evolve, so do their systems and architecture landscape. Finding the right architecture for the current moment in time, while also guaranteeing scalability and the possibility for a system to grow in the future, is one of the most challenging tasks in engineering.

At SQUER, we're proud to have highly experienced architecture experts ready to help your team make thoughtful, long-lasting decisions.

We build architectures that are a 100% fit for your specific situation and an enabler for further growth and scalability

Effective software design is critical to any product development or company's business. Especially the way how a system is architected heavily influences things like the lead time for a feature to go live, the speed of navigating the code base and finding issues within the system or the deployment frequency.

A well-architected and implemented system is the enabler for fast value flow to the customer and saves a lot of time and money as the system landscape grows further. Additionally, modern architected systems enable a high level of automation, such as infrastructure as code to accelerate your go-to-cloud ambitions.


Hands-on over concept only

We design and we implement, together with you, as a team

We help you design your system with a solid demand to also help you implement what we designed. Since lots of challenges can arise during the implementation, it is crucial for us to go through the whole journey together with you. We will work as one team, enabling you to further design and implement the system independently.

  • Hands-on coding
  • Work as team
  • Acting as enabler


Evolutionary architecture

Architecting a system is not a one-time activity. Your systems need to evolve just as your business does

In the past, software systems were designed to be extremely durable and long-lasting. Nowadays the trend has shifted towards creating software architecture that allows for easy exchange and replacement of parts and components. By doing so, we are able to facilitate the evolution and growth of our systems.

  • Flexibility in Architecture
  • Modularity
  • Fitness Functions

North Star Architecture

Defining your architectural Nirvana which continuously gives us the direction of travel

It is not always essential to know which steps we need to perform to get anywhere in the first place. Though, we consider it highly important to know the direction of travel. We will define the North Star Architecture together with you as solid guardrails for future architecture decisions.

  • Target picture
  • Direction of travel
  • Decision guardrails

considering the organization

The software architecture follows the communication structures in a company

Since the system design always follows the communication structures within a company, we need to consider the organization when architecting a system. Since architecture and organization influence each other, we will help you to avoid pitfalls in either of the aspects and to shape an environment and organization which are in balance.

  • Conways law
  • Inverse Conway Maneuver
  • Organisational fit



Choose design patterns that fit your need and your business context perfectly well

Software architecture decisions are mostly driven by non-functional requirements. Together we carefully analyze and define which architectural style and architecture and design patterns best fulfill your specific needs. Indeed, we also need to consider your cloud infrastructure constraints to unlock automation potential wherever possible.

  • Event driven architecture
  • Domain driven design
  • Micro Service Architecture

Let Us Get Your Architecture Straight!

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Collaborating, as one team, to reach your architecture ambitions.

Together, we work with your developers as a team, achieving maximum output for your architecture project.

We like the term chain reaction in its most positive sense because that's exactly what best describes how our SQUER spirit fits into our clients' teams

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